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  Speeding The Search For Global R&D Solutions
The Newsroom is designed to provide journalists with access to background information about ShanghaiBio for stories in development.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Jason Gang Jin, President & CEO, contact ShanghaiBio's US Business Headquarters: info@ShanghaiBio.com or call 732.220.9988.


Jun 11,2009

The Globalization of Innovation: Pharmaceuticals: Can India and China Cure the Global Pharmaceutical Market (PDF version)

Abstract: Multinational pharmaceutical corporations are searching for means to broaden their capacity for drug development while decreasing costs. Pharmaceutical firms in India and China are increasingly forging partnerships with these corporations to gain revenue and to develop their own expertise. These relationships largely appear to be symbiotic. As a result of the movement of research to their countries, Indian and Chinese scientists are rapidly developing the ability to innovate and create their own intellectual property. Several firms in India and China are performing advanced R&D and are moving into the highest-value segments of the pharmaceutical global value chain.


Big Pharma's R&D Booster Shot (PDF version)

In their quest to develop new drugs, Western pharmaceutical companies are increasingly teaming up with companies in China and India.


Losing Our Lead in Innovative R&D (PDF version)

A new Duke and Harvard study shows that research in China and India is getting more sophisticated much faster than the numbers let on.


The Next Chinese Outsourcing Wave: Drug Development (PDF version)

Abstract: Outsourcing already is becoming more prevalent in the drug industry. After conducting interviews with 185 senior pharma executives worldwide, PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 72% of multinational drug firms have been considering outsourcing clinical trials to Asia.The industry is "gearing up for a global gravity shift," Pricewaterhouse's report said. ShanghaiBio looks to be part of that shift. The firm's CRO sales are small -- about $3.5 million so far this year -- but they should double or triple every year, Jin says. He expects $10 million in CRO sales next year and at least $20 million in 2009.

ShanghaiBio plans U.S. IPO next year (PDF version)
Abstract:ShanghaiBio Corp., the contract research division of Shanghai? Biochip Co. Ltd. (SBC), is planning to make its? initial? public offering (IPO) in the United States next year, one of the? company's? founders told Interfax yesterday at the sidelines of the ChinaBio Investor Forum 2007. "We are? planning to get the company listed in the United States at some point next? year,? and? we are currently negotiating with investors over pre-IPO financing? plans,"? said Jason Jin, founder and director of the National? Engineering Center For Biochip At Shanghai, which is owned and operated by SBC.
The Week in Review: What¡¯s Happening with China Biopharma Investing? (PDF Version)
Abstract:ShanghaiBio Corporation, which partnered with ChinaBio in sponsoring the Forum, announced recently that it expected to make its IPO in the US next year (see story). ShanghaiBio, known as a company that makes and markets of biochips, is entering the CRO business. Because of the biochip business, ShanghaiBio is one of the largest biotech companies in China. So far, revenues for the CRO division remain small, though they are expected to triple next year to $10 million and double again to $20 million in 2009.
ShanghaiBio Plans US IPO in 2008 (PDF Version)
Abstract:ShanghaiBio Corporation, a maker of diagnostic tools that is getting into the CRO business, said it expects to make its IPO sometime during the next year. ShanghaiBio, also known as Shanghai Biochip, claims to be one of the largest biotech companies in China. SBC started by making biochips. In fact, the company is the National Engineering Center for biochip design and engineering in Shanghai. Now, SBC is branching out into the CRO business, primarily in the pre-clinical area, and revenues for this division, though still small, are on the upswing.
Eyeing Reward Era for Array-Based Pharma R&D Services, ShanghaiBio Preps for US IPO

Abstract:ShanghaiBio, a Chinese microarray company with offices in Shanghai and New Brunswick, NJ, is looking to file an initial public offering in the United States sometime next year, according to a company official.Jason Gang Jin, the firm¡¯s executive vice president for global technology and business, told BioArray News in an e-mail this week that SBC will use the proceeds from the offering to support its transformation from an array services provider to a contract research organization for global pharmaceutical R&D efforts.?Jin did not discuss the timing of the IPO.ShanghaiBio was founded in 2001 with $45 million in investments from several Chinese venture capital groups and universities, including Shanghai Venture Capital, Shanghai Zhangjiang Group, and the Shanghai Institutes of Biological Science. The company currently offers preclinical research, array manufacturing, clinical trials, clinical data management, and other services.